Identity translates Sir Simon Rattle’s conducting into graphic form

Using motion capture, The Partners have interpreted the conductor’s movements in a series of animations.

By Patrick Burgoyne 19th January 2017

These are exciting times for the London Symphony Orchestra. After losing a £5m Government contribution toward the development of its proposed new concert hall late last year, the City of London has now stepped forward with an offer to plug the gap and the project is back on track.

Added to that, LSO’s new Music Director, Sir Simon Rattle, has announced exciting plans for his first season in charge this autumn, with a concert in Tate’s Turbine Hall a highlight.

To coincide with the launch of the autumn season, The Partners have created a new visual identity for the LSO that renders Rattle’s distinctive conducting style into 3D motion graphics.

The project is a result of an extensive audit carried out by The Partners into the brand communications of orchestras across Europe. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it found that most were very traditional in their approach, with little to distinguish one from another in branding terms.

The LSO itself, The Partners argued “was being presented in an extremely traditional manner, failing to differentiate itself enough from other orchestras across London and Britain”.

The new identity seeks to highlight the orchestra’s history of innovation and its “visceral, vivid and always moving” performances, say The Partners. It takes as its starting points the familiar ‘conductor’s baton’ logo created for the orchestra by The Partners in 2004 and Rattle himself.

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