Bastille Day (2016) / The Take – StudioCanal.

Poly Sculpture


Silicon Mould making & Casting.

Using silicon moulds is a smart way of making your budget go further. If it stands still it can be moulded – the possibilities are endless.

Your chosen item, once moulded, can then be reproduced (cast) many times over.

These casts are quick to produce and straightforward to paint.

Polyurethane Resin / Foam Spraying.

The system of 2-part poly spraying has traditionally been used to insulate large areas – e.g industrial unit walls & roof spaces.

Similar to a can of expanding foam but delivered on an industrial scale.

It can also be used to coat surfaces to make them waterproof and is used for underwater storage units & to inhibit moisture intrusion on a range of structures – roofs, walls, walkways.

All products used have Class 1 Fire Resistance.

Detailing & Finishing.

Surface finishes for sculpture can be either natural—bringing the material of the sculpture itself to a finish—or applied. Almost all applied surface finishes preserve as well as decorate.

Polystyrene Sculpture & Foam/Resin Spraying to produce props for a new film ‘Bastille Day’.

Bastille Day is a 2016 American action film directed by James Watkins and written by Andrew Baldwin.

The film stars Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Eriq Ebouaney and José Garcia.

The film was released in the United Kingdom on April 22, 2016, by StudioCanal.

Director – James Watkins
Writer – Andrew Baldwin


Idris Elba
Richard Madden
Charlotte Le Bon